Hello everyone!!

It has been a very long time since my last post and I am  very excited to be making this post today. Like most of you, spring is my favorite season of the year it’s so refreshing and full of interesting fashion trends.

In this post, I am wearing a belted fit and flare dress & a chunky necklace that I got from Dress Barn earlier this year. This dress was pure love at first sight; I really like it because its bold & colorful patterns resemble some African prints. It was a hot day, so I pared this dress with some MK Sondra thong sandals that are a couple years old nows.These understated sandals  are made of real leather and have a nicely padded footbed. They are worth every penny and I highly recommend them. I actually  stopped by MKs this weekend and noticed he has a wide selection of new sands styles—-so so tempting!!

By the way, I live a block away from Dress Barn and I pass by the store on my way to and from work. So you can imagine how much I get tempted to shop from there every time I see new & pretty dresses on the display. Thankfully, I am staying very strong  and I rarely give in, except on those days when I get decent coupons :D. 

I wore this outfit to friend’s outdoor event this weekend and another friend of mine took these great shots, thanks to her!

Thanks very much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!!

Dress: Dress Barn

Jewelry: Dress Barn

Sandals: Michael Kors Sondra Thong Sandals