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So today I went to church in this outfit, a purple fit and flare dress by London Times and Carmen pumps from Naturalizer. The dress is an old purchase from ideeli.com, but the shoes are a recent find from Macy’s. If you are thinking of restocking your summer shoe rack, this is the perfect time to do that. Macy’s is having clearance sales to pave way for fall collection, and I am sure other retailers are doing the same thing. I fell in love with these shoes because of the style; I loved the ugly chunk heel and the color. The beige color is neutral, so it goes with almost anything. Additionally, these shoes and super-comfortable; they measure up to the Naturalizer standards.

Any ways, let’s talk about bargain in Macys. At this time of the year, Macys keeps a clearance rack with marked prices of at least 50%. However, the final price is usually way lower than the sticker price; I think Macy’s can’t just keep up with updating the prices. So here are the guidelines I follow when shopping from Macy’s:

Rule number 1:  Always scan the shoes to get the correct price.

Rule number 2:  always use a coupon of at least 20%; the salespeople usually keep coupons/coupon codes, so ask if you don’t have one.

For instance, the original price of my new Carmen heels was $79. The listed sale price was $55.30, but the price reflected on the scanner was $27.65. I then used my 20% coupon and paid a final price of $22.12, hurray!!! I bargained even more on other items, stay tuned!

Dress: London Times via ideeli.com

Shoes: Carmen pumps by Naturalizer via Macy’s, Discount 72%| Available here

Pictures by TambuMD

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