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In my hometown, mangoes are everywhere; almost every house has at least one tree in the backyard, so I grew up eating them a lot. I am so happy these succulent fruits are back in season; this is the time of the year when they taste like flavored nectar 🙂

Anyways, it was by mere coincidence that I picked a slice that matched my sunflower slip-on tunic during photo-shoot. I love this dress; the shade of yellow is just perfect for the summer. It’s bright enough to exude a zest of energy that could more effective than Red Bull. This is my first yellow dress and I got it last year from New York & Company during their semi-annual sale. Though I still love this dress, I am quite disappointed that I can’t wear it to the office anymore; it has shrunk by several inches. It keeps getting shorter by every wash. I tried hand washing and line drying, but it didn’t help, so I have made this my weekend to-go dress. It’s so comfortable and simple, yet screams out loud!

I love the Zebra print tote and the sandals, both by Michael Kors, they are perfect for a laid back casual look. I got these last year as well and I still look forward to many- many wears.

PS, did you notice I am wearing a blingy rock? It’s a sign I am in a happy mood 🙂

Hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for visiting!

Dress: New York and Company| similar here

Shoes: Michael Kors Sondora sandals via Macy’s| Available here

Handbag: Michael Kors Marina Tote via TJ Maxx, discount 50%| Available here

Pictures by TambuMD