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I am so excited to be sharing this food post with you. Today’s dinner included mashed potatoes, baked acorn squash, beef stew, sautéed green beans and sautéed tomatoes. The beef stew is one of my signature dishes, so I make it very often. I’ve gotten to like the sautéed tomatoes and I’ve been making them frequently. These also make a prefect side dish for steak & salad. I’ve included recipes at the end of this post; hope you’ll get a chance to try these dishes.






Mashed Potatoes | recipe available here

Acorn Squash | recipe available here (I sprinkled salt as well)

Sautéed tomatoes | recipe available here

Green beans: Wash & cut off the tips from both ends. Boil to dryness in 2 Tbs. of water for a couple of minutes. Add a tsp. of olive oil and shake over a hot plate for about a minute.

Beef Stew

1 pound boned beef cut of your choice (I like 7-bone steak, shin bone steak or ribs)

1 chopped medium onion

1 diced large grape vine tomato

1 cube beef stock

Seasoning: White pepper, Cayenne pepper, Chili powder

  • Cut meat into 2 inch cubes rinse and add seasoning. Boil at medium heat for 15 minute or until half cooked
  • Drain stock from the boiled beef into a cup and use it as a base for dissolving the solid beef cube
  • Fry the half cooked beef till golden brown, set aside
  • Fry chopped onion till shriveled, add diced tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes. Break any visible tomato lumps using the back of the spoon
  • Skim away excess fat from the stock; add stock to the tomato-onion mixture. Add the beef pieces as well. Add any additional thickening sauces of your choice at this point.
  • Simmer for at least 30 minute, stirring occasionally until the sauce is of  a thick consistency

Enjoy with mashed potatoes, rice or sadza and a green side dish!